SXSW 2017


When collaborating cross-functionally to produce events like SXSW, StubHub’s partnerships guided my strategy to create a three-day showcase featuring day and night performances by emerging talent and artists giving fans a complete music experience called Sound Stage.

What I did

My role was to brand and design our space, work with our entertainment agency to secure the right talent and maintain our relationships with vendors. I was able to create a presence for StubHub at one of the largest festivals for musicians and fans. The activation created with my impact gave the StubHub teams onsite (partnerships team, social team, brand team and PR team) the opportunity to connect with music industry in an intimate way.

In addition, I worked with our parent company, eBay, as they participated for the first time in our space at SXSW. My role was to ensure the eBay brand was integrated into the StubHub footprint and create a seamless collaboration of the two brands. This required meetings and calls with the eBay Music team, our agency, the production teams at SXSW and the venue. The activation that eBay had was the perfect blend as it connected StubHub’s Sound Stage to their Low Key Lounge allowing guests to play instruments and learn where to purchase those items on the eBay site while waiting for performances to begin on the StubHub stage.


By the end of the three-day showcase, 18,000 music fans attended one of the 27 live performances on StubHub’s Sound Stage. eBay’s engagement also had excellent results for its first endeavor at SXSW. Along with eBay, I also had the opportunity to work with Snapchat when its Spectacles were gaining traction. My role of incorporating Snapchat at our showcase was to liaise with Snapchat’s experiential team to build out custom filters, coordinate placement their Snapbot in our space, and ensure a “surprise and delight” for our guests with this buzzy technology product. The StubHub Sound Stage filter had nearly 15,000 unique views over the three days and with our help in guerrilla marketing, the Spectacles were sold out in the 24-hour period when the Snapbot was in use.