BroadwayCon 2017


BroadwayCon is theater’s answer to ComicCon. The three day convention in New York hosts numerous panels, workshops and samples from Broadway’s hottest shows. This was BroadwayCon’s second year and StubHub’s first year as a sponsor.


Our goal was to seamlessly integrate the StubHub brand into BroadwayCon while positioning the company as a trusted partner within the theater community. Our hope was to increase brand visibility and consideration among the theater audience.

With that in mind, our idea was to create an inspiring experience that showcased talent in a way that was unique to the performer and provided fans with an inside-look into the world of theater.

During the three day event, our space, The Green Room featured performances and inside looks into Broadway productions. These curated experiences made attendees feel as though they were a part of the behind-the-scenes crew or front row at a Broadway preview.


The partnership allowed StubHub to directly engage and build affinity with a new audience: theater lovers. Fans appreciated our “Always On” and pop-up experiences that allowed them access in a relaxed, interactive environment.