👋🏽 I’m Anita, a freelance strategist based in the Bay Area

✨ I’m driven by the intersection of human needs and thoughtful business impact. With a passion for uncovering the unknown, listening and learning from people, reading about the future of technology and global trends, I’m experienced in working in fluid and highly collaborative environments across many industries.

🌎 With my MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts, I come into every project with a fresh mindset. No matter my role, my motivation is the same: to help people realize their goals – big or small. I’m continually asking myself: How can we make this better for all?

🥸 My playful personality helps bring teams and companies together by imagining what’s next and how to bring experiences to life. In the world of rapid change, I can remain nimble to imagine and reimagine on the fly. My GSD attitude drives me to learn various topics and industries⸺life sciences, luxury fashion, circular economies, nonprofits and tech, unlocking the potential.

The areas that interest me most are:

  • Brand development and storytelling—to effortlessly express value and build connection
  • Creative content development—as a means giving information access to all
  • Circularity in all of its forms—environmental, social, and economic

To learn more about my work experiences, view my LinkedIn profile.

👀 My portfolio includes developing strategies for integrated marketing campaigns, product business models, brand strategies and launches for global experiential programs. Take a look around!

🧘🏽‍♀️ When I’m not at my desk, you can find me nature bathing in a park or garden, attending art exhibits, cooking for friends and taking yoga or pilates classes.

Currently available for freelance and contract positions