New Product Development – User Research


Event creators want tools to make their events a success. Whether that success is sales, new attendees or returning guests, there is an appetite to have services to help promote events that seamlessly integrate to Eventbrite. Eventbrite has identified a suite of tools it can provide to event creators but one of the largest unknowns is what is the most important to the creators?


No tool suite out on the market fits with our events creators needs. The event creators are piecemealing functionality to achieve their marketing goals.

How might we build and charge for a marketing tool suite?

By learning what customers want, this custom built marketing tool suite can serve Eventbrite’s event creators.


Understand the jobs-to-be-done and value propositions for the marketing tools suite for all event creators.

Highlight what key features rise to the top based on the identified Eventbrite products and offerings.

Identify what event creators are willing to pay for a marketing tools suite
Build on this research to understand if the subscription model the right approach.

Research Plan and Execution

Eventbrite’s monetization model has always been a subject of inquiry. Since the entire product landscape (ticketing) is monetized by the same model (transactional), there is a distortion of value between free and paid ticketed events. By separating these marketing tools from ticketing, Eventbrite can develop a new revenue stream.

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Learn from Super Creators focusing on how to unbundle product offerings and align with a scale of pricing options.

Narrow Scope

Learn what could be the top features event creators can use and how it can bring value to each event they organize.

Product Offerings

Develop grid for pains, gains, JTBD and definitions for identified products based on Marketing Tools working session


Identify desirable marketing tool set for event creators through a Quantitative survey with MaxDiff questions.

Product Alignment

Based on survey results, develop relative value of potential marketing suite features. Breakdown what type of event creators want what tools.

Pricing Model

Build on this research to understand if the subscription model the right approach.

Survey Recipients

In early November 2020, our survey went to
38,389 creators*:

  • Based in the US
  • Published at least one free, paid, or mixed event from March 2019 to March 2020
  • Reflected the distributions of event publish cadence, sales to SSO, and free to paid on our platform in 2019

*This is the same audience of the Event Marketing Survey from Q1 2020;
we reused questions so we could benchmark against the previous findings. 


A sub segment of Super Creators who have events monthly will see value in advanced marketing tools.

  • Focus on time saving and budget friendly.
  • Creators understand marketing to an extent but want help.

Top products of interest: 

  • Growth Playbooks: Social & Streaming Growth Suite
  • Eventbrite Smart Audiences
  • Paid Social (Distribution)
  • Canva Content Integration
  • Advanced reporting

From my research, I worked our stakeholders to better define Eventbrite’s marketing offerings and make sure it is in language that even a novice marketer can understand. 

Once those offerings were finalized, the team could test out monetization models based on what Super Creators want.

Our main focus is to provide features that are time saving and budget friendly to the event creator.


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